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Why randomSoundz?

I've always loved PCs and sound. I can't wait for them to be able to (realistically) talk and converse. So I figured in the meantime, it could play random sounds just to provide distractions :-). I had found an old utility that did just this but it barely worked under Windows NT 4.0. Also, the only way to control the volume was to adjust the system volume controls. Well, randomSoundz was finally born!

randomSoundz randomly plays WAV and MP3 files in a specified folder. It has its own volume setting that doesn't permanently affect the system settings. The delay between sounds is adjustable and will automatically vary between +/-25%.

To use randomSoundz:

  1. Run randomSoundz.
  2. Navigate to the folder with the WAV and/or MP3 files.
  3. Set the Volume and desired Delay in minutes values. You can double-click on any file in the list to play it and test the Volume setting.
  4. Activate the Run at startup option in the File menu to have randomSoundz run automatically load when you run Windows.


In the File menu, there is a Start in System Tray option. Use this after you have the settings you want. Activate Run at startup to have randomSoundz automatically run when you start Windows.

Activate the Mute option button to temporarily keep randomSoundz from playing a sound--the countdown will continue though. Click the Stop sound button to stop playing the sound.

Other info

Changing the volume slider won't affect a sound currently playing. You'll have to use the system controls for that. This is just the initial volume that will be used.

When Start in System Tray is active, you can right-click on the icon in the system tray to access some features.

Oh yeah. Don't even think about setting your watch by the seconds countdown ;-) It ain't that accurate.


  • randomSoundz requires Windows 95, 98, or NT4.
  • Windows Media Player 6.x. In particular, the file msdxm.ocx is needed. It is in your Windows system folder. I've tested with version ( dated 6/22/99. Download from www.microsoft.com, if you don't have it. (Your version will be tested, so if randomSoundz doesn't give you an error message, you should be OK ;-)


randomSoundz is freeware! However, I'd love to receive an e-mail (doug@dougworld.com) from you to hear what you think.

Revision History

Ver Date Comments
1.3 9-12-99 • Fixed no playable file error
• 0 time no longer allowed
• Fixed bug that where Media Player 6 was not detected on Win95 systems.
• Set initial volume to 50%
1.2 8-22-99 • Added ability to play MP3s!
• Requires Windows Media Player 6.x. Your version will be checked. (Do you know what a pain it was to figure this part of the code out!!!!!)
• Playing sound doesn't freeze interface anymore.
• Added Stop sound button!
1.1.0 8-13-99 • You can still get the executable, which doesn't require Media Player 6.x, but doesn't play MP3s at www.dougworld.com/randomsoundz1_1.zip (18k). Just place in your randomsoundz folder and run.
• Minor fix to indicate Mute setting in system tray icon tip
• Figured I should increment minor version number :-)
1.0.13 8-13-99 • Switched to new slider that pops up value as you drag. This increases file size a bit, but worth it IMHO ;-)
• Refined code to make interface more responsive.
• Adding countdown and last-played info to system tray icon tip, if you hold the mouse pointer over it.
• Countdown automatically restarts if you change delay value.
• Now plays a startup sound instead of first random selection.
• Moved slider and Last Played to new locations.
• Install over old version will have incorrect volume (only) the first time. Sorry!
• Made countdown actually go to zero!
1.0.9 8-11-99 •Initial release

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Copyright 1999 Douglas J. Nakakihara
All rights reserved

RandomSoundz randomly plays WAV and MP3 files in a specified folder. It has its own volume setting that doesn't permanently affect the system settings. The delay between sounds is adjustable and will automatically vary. A fun distraction!