Why ClipCase?

If you have ever tried to copy text from one application to another, you have probably encountered the problems:

  • Hard returns at the end of every line
  • Extra spaces/tabs at the beginning of lines
  • All capitals (ugh!)
  • Extra formatting copied with text
  • Invisible extra blank lines pasted at the end
  • Extra blank lines

All of this makes it a pain, if you want to paste into a word processor that wraps and formats automatically. ClipCase will fix these problems in text copied to the system clipboard.

To use ClipCase:

  1. Select and copy the text normally in the source application. (Usually keyboard shortcut Ctrl+c)
  2. Run ClipCase. (You can leave running if you want.)
  3. Select the desired ClipCase options.
  4. Click the ClipCase "Process" button.
  5. Paste into the target application. (Usually keyboard shortcut Ctrl+v)

If you already have ClipCase running and the options set, it is really only the extra step of clicking the Process button!


Cleanse will do nothing other than remove special formatting (not HTML tags however), which is always removed anyway. I use this to copy just text between Quark documents and I don't have to worry about pasting in foreign fonts and other unexpected oddities. The UPPERCASE and lowercase options will make all text upper or lowercase. Proper Case will capitalize the first letter of each word.

Remove returns will remove:

  • hard returns at the end of lines
  • leading spaces and tabs
  • trailing spaces

"This type of paragraph styling. Will
drive anyone crazy that is trying
to actually use this text. ClipCase
will turn it into this:"

"This type of paragraph styling. Will drive anyone crazy that is trying to actually use this text. ClipCase will turn it into this:"

If you have Remove returns active, you can also use Dbl remove rets, which will remove instances where there are two returns right next to each other.

Remove >'s will take out the greater-than signs which are comment remark symbols in emails.

No dbl spaces changes the dreaded .<space><space> to .<space> This may be active during other options. No Blank Lines will remove blank lines. Trim End trims off extra blank lines at the end. These often exist invisibly when copying from applications. With Cap sentences, the first letter following a period (one or two spaces) is capitalized. Note that this does not make anything lowercase. To do that, run lowercase first.

NOTE: Options buttons (Cleanse, UPPERCASE, etc.) are mutually exclusive. (i.e., only one can be active) Checkbox buttons (No dbl spaces, etc.) are independent.

Your settings will be saved from session to session. To restore the default values select that option from the Files menu. You can start ClipCase in the Systemtray by setting the menu option. Right-clicking on the icon in the system tray will allow you to quickly operate ClipCase, even when minimized.

Other info

Since this app changes the clipboard, you can Remove CRs and then follow up with UPPERCASE if you need to.

The text window is for informational purposes only.


ClipCase requires Windows 95, 98, NT4, 2000, XP.


clipCase is freeware! However, I'd love to receive an e-mail ( from you to hear what you think.

Revision History

Ver Date Comments
2.0 8-18-04 • Added Proper Case option
• Added remove >'s
• Reworked internal stuff
• Changed interface descriptions to reflect option's effect
1.4 2-10-02 • Couple bug fixes
1.3.2 10-12-99 • Moved Process pop-up menu option to bottom
• Fixed menu that was suppose to be invisible
1.3 10-8-99 • Added all settings to system tray pop-up menu
1.2 9-8-99 • Initial free release

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Copyright 1999, 2002 Douglas J. Nakakihara
All rights reserved

A utility that reformats text in your system clipboard. It will remove font attributes, change case, add lines together by removing carriage returns, remove double-spaces after periods, remove blank lines and capitalize sentences. Great for cutting and pasting between applications like mail readers, page layout, and word processors.